Home Care Startup Guide

I created this FREE Startup Guide for Aspiring Home Care Business Owners, so here’s how you can get started now.


Making the decision to start can be the hardest step. If it has been placed on your heart to help others than don’t ignore the calling. Although scary at times, remember why you are doing this. If you do not have a strong ‘WHY’ then you need to develop one. You'll lose focus and motivation. You will want to quit. It’s hard. But when you feel like giving up, your ‘why’ will give you the strength you'll need to get through the tough times. You may feel like it’s taking too long for things to happen. Wait it out. Be diligent. Remain strong and watch your dream business unfold before your eyes. I’m still amazed as to how much I’ve been able to accomplish after I truly set my mind to it!


It’s not enough to simply dream and visualize about where you want to be in life. Our minds are fallible and constantly changing. Take the time to really write down where you see yourself in the near and distant future. Use a notebook to hold your ideas and thoughts. Write in the present tense to create a sense of ‘being’ who you want to be and ‘having’ what you want to have. Make it a habit of writing down anything you want to manifest regarding your business and personal life. Before you know it your dreams will start to actually happen.


This is the step that many like to skip. It may be tedious; even intimidating, but it is the most important step during this process. Read your state’s Laws, Rules, and Regulations for governing Home Care Organizations FIRST. This step comes before choosing a business name, logo, business formation, etc. You will gain an in depth understanding of the way home care agencies operate, and be introduced to facets of the business that you may not have thought about before. 

It is extremely important to understand the laws by which your business is required to uphold. If you have trouble understanding a particular code, consult with a health care legal professional for better clarity. 

Many states provide a definitions section within the code. Pay attention to these terms. This will teach you the proper terminology to use when preparing your business plan, operational manuals such as policies and procedures, and when networking with your peers within the home care industry. Grasping a clear and concise understanding will make the start-up process easier.


Fill out the application even if you’re in the beginning and you’re nowhere near the point of submitting for licensure. No, this will not be the application you submit for licensure, but merely a practice draft. This does a couple of things. Firstly, it allows you to review the application to see exactly what you’ll need for submission. Take notes about each section and what you will need to do to complete it. Secondly, this gives you the confidence you need to move forward within the process. Completing the application (even a practice draft) will allow you to see that you can do it. You will realize that everything required is something that is obtainable with consistent work and focus.


Discover if your state has a home care licensure checklist. This is a guide that helps prepare for submission and the initial licensure inspection (if your state has one). 

This guide is a great start to organizing your actionable steps. Use the outline they provide to create a task system. Then get to work by..


I use the free cloud based Google Docs and Google Keep to stay organized and on track. 

Here is a sample list to get you going.

✔Create a Strong “Why” Statement

✔ Write down my vision and goals for starting my business

✔ Read my state’s Laws, Rules, and Regulations

✔ Review and complete the Home Care Application (Practice Draft)

From this point start to incorporate items from your state’s Home Care Licensure Checklist and Application onto your 'Home Care To-Do List'. Think of this list as your best friend over the course of your startup process. You'll be attentive to your new best friend, by adding important tasks and focusing on the things you need to accomplish. 

I hope you find value in this Home Care Start-Up Guide, and you’re able to use it as a tool to start or further your journey into business ownership.