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Anyway, I'm revamping it for a three chapter comic as a test run for some of the longer comics I'm working on, such as Puella Magi; The Story of Three and Victory.

The plot is currently about a small ragtag group of animal based orphans living in a town somewhere near a forest. 

Rhea is the main character and is based off a Ginger Tabby, Bella is Rhea's adopted sister and is based off a Ragdoll Tabby, Pip is Rhea's Best Friend and is based of a specific type of hummingbird that i can't remember the name of, and The Doe (who was squished into the corner I'm sorry) is a mysterious character who lives in the woods and is based off a white tailed deer. One of the things I might do i change the shape of Rhea's ears and make Bella a bit younger looking...

There's gonna be a big plot twist at the end!