Home from Anthrocon and back to work!
Hey folks! We've just returned from our first trip to Anthrocon in over five years and all I can say is... why did we stay away so long? We had a blast! It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was like coming home after a long, rough time. A massive thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi! 

I do have a few announcements to make quick: 

Pins: If you bought a pin from us at the convention and any of the enamel pops off, please let us know. A friend of ours notified us yesterday that a chunk of the enamel on her pin had suddenly come loose. While this loose enamel is likely a one-off thing, if it's happening on other pins we want to know so we can get in touch with the factory. If your pin is defective we'd also like to replace it for you, because defective pins are no fun for anyone. You can contact Matt and myself at [email protected]. Please send us a photo if you can so we may send that on to the factory. 

Upcoming Cons: Our final convention of the year will be Tiny Paws Con here in Danbury, CT! It's a new show which we're hoping will grow in the coming years. If you're in the Connecticut area August 17th - 19th stop by and check it out! You can find more information at http://tinypawscon.org. Matt and I are beginning to look into conventions for 2019. If there's one you'd like to see us at, please let us know and we'll see if we can fit it into our schedule. 

Issue 2 Kickstarter: The plan is to begin the Kickstarter in early August. We learned a lot from running our first Kickstarter a few months back, and have a better idea of what we'd like to do for this one. We have some interesting things planned. I'll give you a head's up when that's all up and running. 

This Week's Patreon/Supporter's Update: This week's update will be on Friday. There are some quick tweaks I'd like to do to tighten the storyline a bit. These tweaks have made some changes to the next scene which scraps the work I've already done for page 13. The change is an improvement, so it's all good. I'll be spending today tightening up the rest of this first story arc and we'll move on from there! 

The Special Project: Also we picked up something really cool at the con that I'll share with you all a little later. It's part of a special project we're hoping to debut at next year's Anthrocon. It'll be cool. You're going to like it. 

That's all for now. Thanks again!