Home from Panthea Con
It was great being in California again—a state I have serious love for—and seeing familiar faces and a few friends. The constant rain from the Pineapple Express that decided to hit while we were there did suck, and flooding was a concern, but thankfully nothing major happened. The downside of it all was that we didn't get to visit my beloved redwoods, or go to the beach this time. Massive bummer :< But otherwise the con was pretty good, and it is always so wonderful to be around fellow "Earthy" people (Pagans, New Agers, Natives, etc.).

While the con was good, I am very glad to be back home, because I am bursting with arts! I have a lot to catch up on, but I am looking forward to a few weeks of nothing but making art and dealing with online orders. I hope to be able to make another good dent in my commission list, and I WILL be getting out rewards to those I owe them to.

So much arting to do!

I will be posting here shortly about this month's giveaway that I will be drawing a winner for this weekend. All those who pledge $5 or more are eligible to win!

Okay, many orders to pack up and ship out, and lots of commissions to tackle! 
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