Okay! So! Stay tuned for those of you with reward tiers to be processed. (photobuckets) Tonight I intend to stream on my twitch channel. 

twitch.tv/underbustand just a reminder for everyone new or old to the prints tier, I will be sending the prints out on the FIRST WEEK of NEXT MONTH. So that I can accurately number each one. Previously I had new people joining after the time I post them, and so I couldn't number them properly, if at all! Last month's were all processed, so you'll all get your amazing, glossy, pearlescent prints around this time next month! <3<3<3THANKS ALL FOR  BEARING WITH ME! I walked in the house less than half an hour ago and I'm already prioritizing sending links out, because I felt so awful being away for so long. XD  Weddings are so stressful. No wonder I never had one! -Pen --edit--

I forgot to mention the AMAZING FAN ART drawn for me by dreN, an awesome artist who I frequently play Overwatch with. Find her here: https://www.instagram.com/nerdy_art_and_stuff/