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It's a nebulous concept, one that's been on my mind a lot lately. These mini quilts are an expression of longing, rootlessness - perhaps "home" is a part of us that we always carry, though it may drift to the bottom with the kleenex and loose change. 

The Home quilts went out to my top-tier Patreon patrons this month. Thank you all for being patrons, your support means so much to me

(Not a patron yet? You wanna get things like this in the mail, too? Sure you do. A pledge at the Awesome Afficionados level or higher gets you an original work of art every two to three months!) 

For a step-by-step account of the quilts' construction, head on over to my blog and see the many many pictures (that Patreon won't let me put in a single post). 

Coming up next month: The theme for December is Comfort. Watch this space for more quilts, and for patrons only, recipes for my favorite comfort foods! Next week: Chowdah.

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