HOME - summer 2017

So I'm home :)

Didn't think I'd be able to get back this summer (unexpected life/home costs) BUT --- PRAISE BE I got here =]

Anyhoo, I packed up my recording gear (as usual) and plan on trying to get at least one song with my ohana.

It may be just with Sonny and one just with my parents since there are TONS of life shifts going on here at 257 Mohalu street.  On top of all the typical ups and downs of life and ministry on Maui, my older sister is PREGNANT and so is my sister in law (Leo's wifey from Oregon). We all are here...living in some part of this gift of a home.  If you pray, pray for Dawn dawn...she's got crazy bad morning sickness.  We got to hear the heartbeat of the lil creature for the first time yesterday.  GOODNESS, my goodness.  WHAT a CRAZY miracle! And, Leo and Kylee are expected in the next few weeks! WHEW. The Waia'u/Maculam household is about to get a bit bigger.

ALL that to SAY - a big group recording may be too challenging but I'll try my best.

big love,