Home, Sweet Studio
Adrien here - I know we dropped off the map for a while there, but we're back as the proud owners of a nice little party pad.  A month ago we weren't even sure it would happen but boom...here we are!

We're gonna do a video walk through of the entire place later this week (fingers crossed) but for now, as promised, a look at the studio!

First, you'll notice straight ahead the mediation corner.  Remember how I mentioned a brief but passionate affair I had with feng shui?  Well, that corner is the fame and reputation corner, and catches all the eastern morning chi coming through that window.  And that little ball there is actually a glass constantly spinning atop a fountain.  The flow of the water encourages the flow of money and good vibes. 

Next, a look at some of the acoustic padding.  We repainted that wall from a weird baby blue with something a lot richer that, in feng shui, encourages growth.  

Next, one of my favorite touches.  That red square there is painted with chalkboard paint so that I can write directly on it and erase as I need.  And the quote at the top "recognize resistance" is one of the theories from The War of Art.  Every time we get really to really do something great, or change ourselves, or risk something, that hesitance is what the author calls resistance.  But of course, while that resistance can hold us back, it can also serve as a reminder that we are doing what we need to do!

The vocal corner/booth there.  And the combination standing desk and writing station.  

And at the very top, a bird house given to me by one of my, well no, the best guitar student I ever had.  Top right side of the desk represents family and good relationships, so what better was to feng shui it!

And presiding over the drums, Perry the Penguin.  

And the listening area, with some more acoustic foam.  Haven't tested it fully yet, but all of the foam is set up strategically so that I could record guitar anywhere in the room and get minimal direct reflection, and also listen to music or watch a movie in optimal conditions as well. Came in quite handy for the premier of Westworld season 2 last night.  

We had our first band meeting in a month and half now that the craziness of moving is dying down.  Just a few details to iron out and we'll be back to talk more about the various projects your generous support will be going towards this year!