#HomelessEntrepreneur at BizBarcelona
I've been attending BizBarcelona for the past years and I've seen so many people walk inside without any specific goals and leave without understanding why they really went besides the fact that their entrance was free and the fact that it's the largest event for entrepreneurs in Barcelona. We'd like to make their visit this year a little bit more productive, which is why #HomelessEntrepreneur will be at the entrance providing visitors the opportunity to have a good reason for attending: create a job for Marcos so he can stay off the streets and create a new career for himself.

Can you think of a better way to spend a euro at BizBarcelona this year than creating a job for another entrepreneur? Is that goal specific enough? Would it provide meaning to your visit at BizBarcelona this year? Would you finally make a connection that had a clear impact on the economy thanks to this event? 

You might be thinking, hey, it's only 1 person and just one new job... but, hey, it's only 1€/month and it's 1 person and 1 new job! Making a donating to help Marcos will not only help him, but  the other 941 homeless people sleeping rough in Barcelona who will follow him. On top of that, it should also motivate you to take even more advantage of your visit at BizBarcelona so you can do more business! Create 2 more goals for this event and make them happen!

You might be thinking, hey, I'd love to donate 1€/month, but I'm not in the best position to do that... but, hey, spreading the word by sharing this link and promoting what #HomelessEntrepreneur is doing is just as helpful!

"If you want to help the homeless, make them visible" this year at BizBarcelona by taking a picture with us at the entrance, spreading the word in your social media and donating if you can! We only need 967 people to commit and donate 1€/month on June 1st at BizBarcelona and we hope you are one of them!


#HomelessEntrepreneur team