The Homeroom PSA

Read the rough introductory chapter of the Homeroom here, and keep supporting my work as we approach September 15th.

What is the Homeroom? In short, the Homeroom is about alien teachers. Everyone who has ever been a student can remember at least teacher who was weird beyond description. You look at them from your desk and all you can think is "What planet did YOU escape from and when are they coming back for you?" For the student of Colony High, this is a fact of life. Watch as they come to grips with a gym teacher who once trained an army of alien amazons. Behold as their homeroom teacher shares his fascination with dissecting cows... while teaching sociology. Witness the the horror of being taught philosophy by a Lovecraftian space squid. And try to keep a secret from a principal with psychic powers and no body below the neck. You can't, I've tried!