===========Memorial Battlefield===========
April 10th (Tue) 12:00 ~ April 24th (Tue) 4:00,
Homu King will appear in Memorial Battlefield.
※From Sunday 26:00 to Tuesday 4:00, it's summary period,
So Captain cannot enter Memorial Battlefield.

==========Fighting Race==========
① Fighting Race in this version will have 3 phases.
April 10th (Tue) 12:00 ~ April 13th (Tue) 26:00,
Phase I - Cake Great War will be released.
April 14th (Tue) 12:00 ~ April 17th (Tue) 26:00,
Phase II - Cooperative Tactics will be released.
April 18th (Thu) 12:00 ~ April 23th (Mon) 26:00,
Phase III - Bomb Evasion Campaign will be released.
※Everyday Fighting Race will be opened from 12:00 to 26:00

② To participate this, Captain needs a item called - "Practice Activate Equipment",
For each equipment, Captain can participate up to 3 times.
Aside from the distributed Practice Activate Equipment, Captain also can buy it from event shop.

③ In Fighting Race, captain will choose 3 Valkyrja, 3 weapons and 9 Stigmata from the offer list.
Then use that to join time attack stage with other 4 Captains.
※In this version, the equipment choosing method will be changed,
Instead of offering equipment for each Valkyrja respectively,
The system will offer all equipments in the list.
By that way, Captain can combine equipments easier.

④ During Fighting Race, Captain will be provided 2 types of support item:
Buff to support Captain, and debuff to interfere other Captain.
Choose wisely in order to obtain victory.

Practice Certificated Medal which is obtained from Fighting Race,
Can be used to exchange item from Event Shop.

⑥ After this Fighting Race ended, all data will be reset.
That means if Fighting Race re-opens in next version,
The data won't be transfered, please take note this point.