An Honest Mistake - Finding My Way ft. Maruxa Lynd of Beatburns (Love X Stereo Remix)
Hey, guys!

We're now having a huge holiday streak here in Korea.

(Sat-Sun) // May 1 - May day // May 3 - Buddha's birthday //May 5 - Children's day // (Sat-Sun) // May 9 - Election day(yes, it's a holiday in Korea)

So it's like nonstop holidays for most people. 

But we're still busy at our studio. Many many recordings. Many music to come. Not complaining at all :) Just a little update for you guys.

We found out that our buddies An Honest Mistake (punk band) from Malaysia just released our remix via YouTube on May 4. 

It was such a nice surprise because, we finished the remix in January, and we weren't expecting a music video at all.

And it turns out, the music video was actual footage of a wedding between drummer Ian and his wife Carmen. So sweet!!!

Wanted y'all to check it out! Leave congrats messages on YouTube if you can!

Please love to our buddies An Honest Mistake. Awesome band.


Annie & Toby

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