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"Honesty is Subversive" - Interview with Paul Snow from Factom
We are joined by Paul Snow who is founder of Factom, a new way to do proof of publication on the Bitcoin blockchain. It's not an uncontroversial issue, like all tools they will shape the way we behave once they are invented which is why I was keen to have Paige Peterson and Brian Sovryn on to give us a critical perspective. See Paige's tweet from the previous week: Paul handled the critique very well, unlike many he is unafraid to say "I don't know". But for me this dialogue obviates the need for more thoughtful approach the delivery of these kinds of projects; it's too easy for tech heads to get carried away with the potential of powerful tools without thinking about the edge cases and how it can be used as a means of control instead of freedom. I hope you enjoy and as ever look forward to reading your comments.