Hoof Fellas page 1
Being that I don't have many notes for this comic and it is the beginning, I will make it available to all patrons!

Hello, everyone! Welcome aboard! Also I am welcomed aboard because this is my first time using Patreon! Hooray!

Anyway, I suppose what I can say is this page started out looking like the attachment included here. As you can see, I stopped before I was even halfway through because though I intended this comic to be "easy" and quick to produce, I didn't want it to look like garbage. Which the first draft obviously does.

(Ladies and gents! The following attachment is the sort of secret stuff you'd see by pledging $10 a month or more, but I'm so excited to finally have the Patreon up, I'm including it as a freebie!)

I draw Hoof Fellas traditionally on Bristol paper with Micron pens of varying sizes, usually the 03 to draw the characters, 01 for details such as facial features, folds in clothing, etc, and the 05 to outline the characters to make them stand out from the background. I write the dialogue in 03. I sketch in red pencil, which I learned when studying animation, as you can completely remove it in Photoshop. I might make a post on how to do that available to all patrons if it's requested.

Much love, and thank you for supporting my endeavors!

- Paula