Hope You All Know About Infinite
I have been asked how is this masked man or thing. Now I think I know, he is     a dark mind controlled thing who he is yet no one knows but I think he is someone the side character knows, but then why the grunge ageist sonic well he is mind controlled in the new trailer Eggman has been working on it for a long time the stone embed in his chest is giving him life almost an insane amount. is he faster than Sonic? no he can teleport because the stone in his chest is doing chaos control. why if friend ship mentioned in the trailer because sonic knows who he is along with the character then comes the question how come his look remind you of someone? like someone said on YouTube he probable is the bad time line of Tails not being freed but something else came to mind what about the dreadlocks, and near sonic speed, and chaos spears? he can toss the spears because the ruby. Well the answer I have to that is who else used the stone or ruby to warp? Sonic, Tails and, Knuckles. He is Tails and he will die to save the world because his jealousy will leave destroying the phantom ruby once and for all... well maybe no one know yet but when word goes out I will tell you more