Hopes for Tomorrow
Is it wrong to hope that tomorrow will be better?
That tomorrow I might finally get it right?
That tomorrow will be sunny, or rainy, or windy; just the way I want? 

Is it wrong to want tomorrow to be completely new,  
With yesterday’s worries to cease existing?
To be free from troubled thoughts and finally have what I always wanted?

Is it so terrible to hope… to believe that tomorrow…
Tomorrow I’ll take the world by storm
And that I might finally be noticed and accepted by those around me? 

Is it childish? Is it naïve?  
To want to travel the world
Maybe I’ll finally be famous? A Hero! There to save the day! 

But can I really have these hopes?
To have hopes for tomorrow when I still have today to face?
When I can’t even tell those close to me how I really feel? 

Hopes for tomorrow… That’s all I have!
These small ideas that seem too big to be achieved!
I’ll continue believing! 

Even if the world rejects me, at least I can still dream!