Horoscopes for the New Moon in Gemini

These last two weeks, I've been working on letting go of distractions in favor of getting back to my "source" - I drastically lowered my caffeine intake, deleted instagram from my phone, shifted my eating habits to what I know is healthful for me, finally set up and made some sacred space after having relocated and dug out my precious books.

I started recording dreams again.

I reworked my daily practices that I know bring me groundedness and connectivity to what deeply matters to me.

We move in spirals. Sometimes on that trajectory we get far away from the core of what matters to us. 

We can always come back and start anew.

Which is what each New Moon is here to remind us. 

As the light of the night is at its dimmest, it allows us to shift our eyes to where we stand. What is beneath our feet.

This lunar cycle we are given the cards 6 of Cups and the Hermit.

The 6 of Cups shows us place of deep nourishment, flowing waters and fertility. It is safe here. This is our source. Your "source" is unique to you and you alone. We are being called to cultivate this as a base from which to work from.

The Hermit inspires us to leave behind distractions that would drown out the delicate voice of spirit. They go in search of wisdom to re-sensitize their senses. All gifts we are innately born with, but our over culture dulls, numbs and promotes forgetfulness.

Cultivate your source. It is not impossible. You are worthy. You posses the ability.

Heed the call.

Remember to read for both your rising sign, and sun sign. You can find your rising sign through websites like astrolabe.com or astro.com


King of Wands

You are being asked to stand tall in your truth, to know your sovereign power. A King energy is confident, a fire king energy is expansive and well controlled. Communicate your ideas, desire, plans and goals this new moon. Don't wait for it to happen to you, go to it and make it happen.


4 of Cups

Don't miss the gift of an opportunity. Naval gazing can be helpful for a time, but it will not do you well here. Be rooted, but allow curiosity to lead you into new ways of thinking and how you gather assets and possessions to yourself. You are also being called to remember what you have, not what you are without.


The Hierophant

This is your moon and you're hedging two worlds. All new moons can act as an initiation into greater mysteries and something core to your being may be shifting. Set intentions to your gift of curiosity. Examine your relationship to tradition, remember that they are not static, but always evolving from those involved. Step through and step up.


The Tower

Big foundational shifts for you, moon baby. All may be toppling down around you, or tectonic rumblings beneath you herald the potential of what's to come. Change can inflict fear into us, but this is nothing to be frightened of. These are powerful and beneficial, and ushering you where you need to be. Remember the weeds that break up the concrete. 


Ace of Pentacles

Banish away what is inhibiting you and holding you back from obtaining what is rightfully yours to claim. To receive the gift of the Ace, means making yourself available to it. Sweep it out, open the windows, burn the appropriate herbs, lean from what is lacking to make room for what blessings are to come.


Page of Pentacles

Starting from square one can be frustrating, especially if you have a lot of work behind one project. To stay light of heart and fresh in your approach, look at what is before you with the curiosity of a child. Anything can become possibly and this expands and opens your capacity to learn more deeply. Under this fertile space, plant something new.


Knight of Cups

When expanding into new territory, it will do you well to stay mindful of your dream state, your sensitivities, to cultivate them and keep them close. There's no need to rush forward into anything, you are already steadily moving in the direction you need to be. Tread carefully and lightly, listen to the dirt under your feet.


Two of Pentacles

This moon you will need to seek your equilibrium. Juggling two things at once may seem daunting, or confusing, but soon muscle memory will kick in and it will come naturally to you. In seeking this balance you may feel off. In order to right ourselves however, we need to know what feeling off kilter is like.


Three of Pentacles

Be mindful of who you choose to partner with, in any endeavor. If you're building something in the collaborative sense, be sure that your ideas not only line up but are complimentary. This new moon can generate a lasting foundation for you, or one that brings you much abundance. Go forth accordingly. 


10 of Pentacles

This card has multilayered meanings, far beyond this horoscope. Legacy, foundations, systems and security all abound for you. It may be the beginning of such an endeavor, it may be the maintenance of it, it may be climax... stay the course. Move with the flow and cycles of life, not against them. Surrender a little more each time. It will all happen in time. 


The World

If you've been hiding in the shadows, now may be the time to begin taking the steps to emerge. All that you have gathered and learned is coming full circle. Summon up a protective circle, call upon guides and guardians, set the plan in motion, light a candle... and so shall it be.  


The Lovers

The Lovers could mean strong currents of love surround you, but in love, there are always choices to be made. Don't become lost to yourself, remember the core of who you are in love and the acquisition of it. In matters of choice, it is noble to be selfless, but not at the expense of yourself!

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