Horses of Nature
I post things in the middle of the night because I can never finish anything at a decent hour.  ^__^;;

This was a bit of a unique project!  Our local Post Office has decided its walls look too bare, and has invited all artists along the Oregon coast to claim panels and fill them with artwork!  The subject was nature/ocean themes, animals (real or mythical), in circular compositions.  The Postmaster really liked my "Mosslord" and "Seahorse" pieces when I brought in my portfolio for consideration, and asked if there was a way to combine them.

So I found a way!  It was a great idea, as this was an unpaid project and I couldn't afford to spend weeks drawing up a completely new piece.  I drew the circle border, scanned it, and then digitally edited together bits of 8 different earlier pieces of mine to eventually form this!  It was a lot more work than I anticipated, but I'm happy enough with the result to feel comfortable with it being seen by the public everyday (and to have my name on it.)   

I'm calling it "Horses of Nature" as a play on "Forces of Nature" because I'm lame. If anyone has any better titles, please give me suggestions!  :3

(If anyone's curious, the 8 art pieces were: "Mosslord" (flipped and retouched), "Seahorse" (flipped and retouched), "Masquerade: Whimsea," "Heart of the Forest," "First Songs," "Beautiful Memory," "Masquerade: Woodsong" and "Waterfall.")


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