Hospital adventures roll on
Hey folks!

I’m happy to be back with you after a long period of silence. At least now I have a cool story to tell. ;)

It all started in February, when I came home one evening and noticed smoke coming from a lamp in my room. Since fire alarm in the house wasn’t a party I’d like to have, I took a chair and climbed on it to see what is wrong with the electricity. A small remark should be added here: climbing on something high when your legs are not working in a proper way isn’t really a good idea. However, the choice between a possibility to fall and to burn the house down is obvious, right?

Well in the end I’ve achieved both: fixed the lamp and fell pretty loudly. Bingo! Right after the accident I was lying on the floor counting the stars and thinking did I broke my ribs, or my hand, or my leg, or all of it together. 

The next day a traumatologist  said that it’s OK, nothing serious, I’ve just hit my hand pretty badly and it will pass with time. Hmmm… He didn’t notice a broken finger. Don’t ask me how it’s possible. Only a month later another doctor pointed out that a finger is broken and I need a surgery to fix it. It cost me a freaking fortune, I even had to take a bank loan. Anyway now it’s all done and I’m a bit like X-men Wolverine, with a piece of steel sticking out from the hand. Would be pretty cool to use it, but the doctors covered it with a cat paw :( So for the next 6 weeks I’ll learn to live with just one working hand. The toughest question is what games can be played like this? Something on mouse control? Any suggestions?