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Hot Bot - The Future of Pepper Grinding Robots
It was just recently the birthday of Wilbur Scoville. Wilber was a pharmacist who created the now infamous Scoville Scale which rates the spiciness of peppers, with bell peppers at the bottom and (usually) the Scorpion pepper at the top of the hotness scale. What makes peppers spicy to taste (and to touch) is actually the chemical capsaicin. How much capsaicin is in a pepper effects how hot it will taste.

In Wilber's day he would just taste a pepper to judge how long and intense the burning sensation was in order to rate it, but in today's age we can be much more precise in our chemical analysis of how much capsaicin is present in a pepper. This simple fact gave me the idea that there could be a robot of the future that could easily adjust the hotness of a pepper (or pepper alternative)  by altering the amount of the chemical present. I figure the robot could do this in a fancy up-cycled mechanized pepper grinder! So I have invented for your coloring pleasure, a robotic pepper grinder named the Hot Bot!

The Hot bot is voice activated and will adjust the level of spiciness to your liking right at your table! Just tell the bot, mild, hot, hotter or hottest and then tell it to grind and when to stop! It's sure to perk up any meal you may order at the Feel Good Bar and Grill!

Happy futuristic eating and happy coloring!

The high rez version of my drawing is available for you to print out. If you do print it and you don't already support me, please  pledge a few bucks so I can keep this science inspired art project going. Thank you!