The heatwave has impacted my place and I went unproductive for a bit more than a week due to that, also I tested a lot of Stuff that turned out to need to be fixed. But I still managed to do things, so here comes the Changelog.

Improved the Stone Hardness Config a lot, and also added an Ore Hardness one. Things which lose durability on harder things will not lose more durability due to the Config.

Added Synchronisation of the Maximum Stacksize and the Hardness Config to the Client, meaning that it is no longer required for the Server Owners to sync those Configs to their Clients manually.

Added a lot of Tooltips, such as Possible Enchantments, Tool Quality, Speed and Durability to regular Materials (Ores, Ingots, Dusts, Toolheads and alike)

Saws now faster on Planks and slower on Logs, and Axes now slower on Planks. (Planks = anything wooden that is not a Log)

Lava and Water Buckets can now be used in the Crucible by rightclicking the top of it with them. This can be used for Obsidian Tools (Diamond Quality with bad Durability) or Ice Tools (0 Quality with almost no Durability), and also to heat up or cool down the Crucible, however Lava is not very hot so it is not worth heating with it, and Water is so light, that you need a LOT too cool down stuff.

Added a Sifting Table to sift Blocks, purified crushed Ores and Sand/Gravel Ores. It has NEI Support too, even though it doesnt have a GUI.

Added a lot of "new" Metals and Alloys to the Game, which originate from Thermal Expansion and Metallurgy, and gave them GT Properties and Recipes.

Added Dissolving Enchantment which is poisonous against Slimes, Magma Cubes, TF Slime Beetles, TF Maze Slimes and alike.

Added NEI Handler for the Crucible. It is only for displaying Fake Recipes in order to give an Overview of what you need for what, without having to use the Alloy Book that often.