Hey all.

Another update which fixes few bugs and adds some quality of life improvements especially in the production.

Before assigning actor to the scene their name will be colorized green if they have high likeness in that category and red if they don't like it. Once you assigned them to the scene, color for other models change based on TOTAL chemistry score. Now you can find best matches much faster.

Thanks for the support.






ANDROID - Test version

v0.74b Changelog


-Girls attributes suddenly dropped to potential value.

-Staff salaries in casting agency were not scaled properly resulting into low level employees having way to big starting salaries.

-Fixed auto production scheduling

-"Max scenes per week" option was ignored

-Weekly report from auto production added to mail

-Manual Production: Chemistry match now updated when selecting actors instead of assigning them. With additional info on hover.

-Manual Production: Models are colorized red to green based on their likeness for particular type of scene. 

-Studio overview: list of scheduled scenes weren't shown.

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