Hourly Comic Day 2019

On February 1st, cartoonists everywhere make a panel or two for every hour they're awake. Here are mine!

This day coincided with the day I was inking some of my autobio comics for a comic con application, so I was practically procrastinating making comics by making comics.

Correction: she didn't appear on GNTM after all, though her audition went amazingly well, but here's an interview (in Greek).

 My life is a series of constant surprises.

 The views expressed in this comic are not necessarily the views of the creator one second after making said comic.

 This one is not funny.

Same song, different rooms.

Update: I can't find my headphones anywhere, after this. Don't know why they're hiding from me.


Apparently I managed to focus on inking the other comics for a bit after the last one! Went out later and didn't manage to make more hourlies (I tried, made one -even more- rushed strip that didn't end up making sense, so I gave up for the day).

I was really happy to participate! I love the challenge and seeing everyone else's day that way! :D