Housekeeping notes: Patreon structure/tiers/goals updates
I mentioned last week (I think...or the week before? time is a flat circle) that I was working on some Patreon changes and wanted to send you an update with all of them so that you knew what was up! 

Tldr: streamlining of tiers (to be more realistic for me and less confusing for everyone else) + some changes to goals. 

The tiers: 

There weren't any huge changes to the tiers, just a streamlining of the copy - here's what they say now: 

  • $1: My eternal gratitude, entrance into the NPC lottery, access to Patron-only Discord channels, and early access to episodes. 
  • $5: All of the above, access to Patreon-only posts, and early access to episodes. 
  • $10: All of the above, ad-free podcast episodes, first access to standalone short stories/flash fiction before published elsewhere, and livestreams + character submissions (once we hit those goals). 
  • $25: All of the above, plus signed copy of physical books when released, postcards (once we hit the goal), and a shout-out on projects published while you’re a patron (a mention in the acknowledgements section or an on-air shout out in podcasts). 

As of right now, there aren't any ads on the podcast episodes, but it's something I'm looking into (specifically for season two of Unplaced), so that's when that'll kick in at the $10 tier. 

As far as the Discord server goes, I'll be setting that up later this week - it's definitely coming (and will be open to the public with patron-only spaces) but I haven't quite set it up yet. I'll let you know when that's up and running! 

Here's what the new goals look like: 

  • $50: Bonus episode! We’ll record a bonus episode set in Serendipity City, with me as a player, and edit, soundscape, and release it within a month of hitting this goal! 
  • $100: Monthly character posts! These might include a sketch, some trivia, an interview with the player, in-world content...or out of world content (OKCupid profiles? What their Twitter page would look like? Who knows!). 
  • $150: Character submissions! Once a quarter, everyone backing at $10/month or higher will get to submit a character concept (name, pronouns, 1-2 sentence bio) to be included in a piece of media
  • $225: More stories! Short stories or pieces of in-world content at least once a month (currently on a “whenever possible” schedule). (For an example, check out this post.)
  • $300: Livestreams! Once we hit this goal, we'll start doing livestreams once a month. These might be Q&A/AMA livestreams, panel discussions with collaborators and Q&A time, or just me sharing how I build worlds, learn the hang of a new medium, or map stories out.
  • $500: More posts! More process/behind the scenes post, and multimedia ones, too! Also, more tiers — $30/month and up tiers with worldbuilding, writing, productivity, etc. workshops once a month. 
  • $750: Game livestream! Once we hit this goal, we'll be covering most of the month-to-month audio production costs! To celebrate, we'll do a livestream play of a game - you'll be able to vote on whether it's in the Serendipity City world or one of my other worlds. When we hit this goal, I'll also be publishing more process/behind the scenes posts, and multimedia ones, too!  Also, I'll add more tiers — $30/month and up tiers with worldbuilding, writing, productivity, etc. workshops once a month.
  • $1,000: Postcards! Once we hit this goal, everyone on the $25 and up tier will get a postcard every other month with original commissioned art and flash fiction. Letters from a character, snippets from the local newspaper - who knows?! Patrons on the $10 tier will get a digital version of the postcard.
  • $1,500: Upgrades! This will be enough to cover all of my current monthly production costs and cut back more on my freelance work, so I'll be able to upgrade some things. This might be more content, (more) bonus episodes or livestreams, an audio equipment upgrade, more production/soundscaping on episodes, or something else. I've got a list of ideas and once we get closer, we'll do a vote. 

These might also get changed over time - there are a few in there that I wanted to leave in as milestones but only have vague ideas as to what would be a good addition (namely, $500, $750, and $1500). With all of these, I'm trying to balance more good things for you, without risking burnout for me (or like, hitting a point where I'm breaking even on audio production costs and then immediately spending more money on something else so that I'm back in the hole, thus defeating the purpose). 

So if you have any ideas for things you'd like to see (either at the reward tier or goal level), let me know. 

Anddd the addition of new goals means that we're now only $10/month away from the first goal! Once we hit this goal, I have my eye on a game of Fiasco with some of the regular Serendipity City players - Fiasco is DM-less, which means that I'll be able to relax and goof off a little more. It's also very well-suited to the world of Serendipity City, with its neo-noir tone and ability to create comical disasters. Our next recording session is tentatively scheduled for the 29th, and if we hit the goal before then, we'll be recording either the whole game or the first part of it then! 

I'm also starting to gear up for actively working on Unplaced season two - I have a rough quote from Brendan for production costs, and the funds from this Patreon (plus either an IndieGoGo or Kickstarter, I haven't decided yet) will be going towards that. Season two is shaping up to be longer than season one (at least as far as individual episodes go, it will still probably be 8-10 episodes total) and have more actors. That means it will be more time-consuming (and expensive) than season one, so your support is incredibly appreciated (and any shares of this Patreon, the podcasts, or the crowdfunding campaign when that goes live are also appreciated, but are icing on top of the cupcake that is your being a patron!). 

I think that's everything. Let me know if you have any questions, and in the meantime, have a great day! 

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