Houston Hobby SR20 Traffic Pattern Accident
AOPA's Air Safety Institute released this video today. As soon as the video started, I knew which accident it was. It's probably the best simulation and analysis of the accident I've seen. and it's well worth your time to view it, regardless of what you fly. 

I was aware that she'd raised the flaps at too slow an airspeed, but I didn't know she had raised the flaps at successively lower airspeeds on each of her three go arounds. I was a little surprised at the suggestion that she was unassertive and could have asked to go back to approach. Certainly with a go around of a jet, towers tend to send them back to approach. But for smaller planes, I think they're likely to keep them in the traffic pattern. Before viewing this, I wouldn't have thought to ask to go back to approach. But in the future I'll keep that in mind as an option.