How Are Patrons Contributions Used?
I have to tell you, this project is an experiment in more than just getting adventurous rascal type beekeepers to do a podcast.  It is an experiment in "alternative" fundraising.

I am pretty libertarian in my personal philosophy.  All that means here is that I want to provide a quality information/entertainment community and experience without charging people for it upfront so that everyone, regardless of income can benefit and gain something from it,e ven if it's what not to do.

So if I don't implement a "Pay To Play" setup like the vast majority of content providers do, hwo then do I make this happen?  I thought, "let's try to get people to voluntarily "buy in" to help everyone get something useful.  In other words, if you really like what I anfd the Beehooligans are doing here and you beelieve it's worth pushing onward, you'll support the project.

There are a great number of costs that go into the project.    On the website, there is hosting as the primary cost and the more traffic that comes in, the more it costs for hosting.  We want to reach literally thounds, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people.

For the podcasting there is recording equipment, computers, software, and yes, more hosting with podcast audio hosts like iTunes, Spreaker and others for which there is a cost for those services but gives us a better prodct for our listeners.

Ditto the videos.  Equipment alone is costly.  At least we don't have the ongoing cost of tape anymore.  

Perhaps the greatest cost of all in this endeavor though is time.  Someone has to spend the time to do it and do it right.  There are tens of hours each week that go into maintaining web sites, recording, editing, coordinating, keeping up with social media, etc...

All of that time is time away from running businesses and going to jbs to get bills paid otherwise.  I'm taking the risk and putting in the hours of work without pay, obtaining equipment as I am able to, learning and mproving skills that I had of some and am having to learn of others.       

Will my risk pay off?  Will it bee worth it to put out what I intend to be an informative, useful and entertaining cross-media beekeeping community that will facilitate success for the people who listen, read, watch and interact with us?  I certainly hope so, but it will only work if YOU beelieve that it is good enough.

I don't want every patron to pay a lot of money to help this project bee successful.  I want to get literally thousands of Patrons, you, your friends, your associates, t come in and put in maybe 1 or 2 dollars a month.  With enough people putting in a buck or two each month, that will go a long way to helping this project improve and bee it's best.

How can you help?  You already have if you have become a Patron.  The next most important thing you can do to help is to encourage everyone you know to come in and bee a Patron also.  Not a lot, just 1 or 2 dollars a month.  

How many people have you heard say they wish they could help bees if they could without becoming a beekeeper?  This is a sure way to help bees by helping us to educate, inform and motivate beekeepers to help our bees survive and thrive.

How else can you help here?  Bee a participant.  ask questions here.  Make suggestions, tell me what you think works and isn't working. 

Go to the Bee Smart forum page, register and participate in the discussion there.  Don't just loiter in the background, Bee involved.                

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