How are you getting your swim workouts in?
Still just getting to know my audience.  My channel is primarily for those of you who have to swim on your own (it's terrible I know).  The goal is to create an online community of people doing the same workouts on any given day.

Regardless, let me know how you currently get your swims in.

all by myself

with a coached group of triathletes

at a masters practice which has a lane for triathletes

at a masters practice which has no lane for triathletes

in open water exclusively

with my club / high school / college (you don't need me, do what your coach says)

other (in liquid hot magma?)

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Thanks for the workouts on Instagram
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When I first started posting workouts I did so via Instagram (Swimwithsamworkouts) and those workouts are still there for free. If you're content with using those workouts but want to say thanks, you can do so here.  All new workouts will come via Patreon.  Those initial workouts are legit, but I posted them for free just to get my workflow down, practice making videos, and learn a little about social networking.
All the workouts!
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Access to all weekly workouts!  One workout each week is free, the other four are patrons only.  They're just like the free weekly workout and each workout has a daily coaching video.  There are other free workouts out there on the net, but I haven't found any with a daily coaching video and access to an actual coach.

Each workout has three ability levels and the intervals are based off of your threshold pace.  The static workout details are on my website right now.  I might make them sticky patreon posts in the future.

Workout request
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Access to all the workouts AND. . .

Request a specific workout twice a month by including the following information:

Workout length

The length of the pool you swim in (25 yards, 25 meters, 50 meters are most common)

What swim equipment you have or want to use

Workout type

  • speed
  • threshold
  • distance
  • technique
  • other (strength?  stroke?)

Any other special considerations

I'll create those workouts for you within 3 days of the request and send them directly to you.  If it's nothing crazy (like a 4,000 meter butterfly workout all with paddles) I'll use it as a basis for a weekly workouts and attach your name to it crediting you!

Limited to 3 people right now because I'm not exactly sure how much extra work this will create.

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