How “choosethesmiles” came to be!
I received a message a couple of years ago from a clearly fake profile on a dating site. After the familiar badly translated, red-flag filled, copy and pasted drek, I noticed he’d appended this true gem: “I hope your day is filled with smiles!” Filled with smiles? A phisher/scammer/hopeless lost prince from Nigeria hoping my day is filled with smiles? That was a new one! Curiously though, I found myself immediately smiling and looking around for other smiles to be filled with, and my irritation at a junk-filled inbox quickly waned. That message permeated my brain, and the more smiles I collected, the less I worried and the happier I became! It was just a matter of what I had my attention focused on, and I was pretty surprised it actually works that way! I also like that it isn't telling people they “should” smile - which generally just makes people wrong for not smiling. This is different – this is about cultivating insight and awareness of opportunities to smile, and it actually spreads joy! It helps tune the imagination to things we want to happen instead of worrying about the things we don't want. So, over the years I’ve learned to “choose the smiles", and I use "choosethesmiles" for everything online these days. Try asking Google about me and let me know what you find!
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