How can a migrant student face a survival challenge in London?
 Iurie Sula is a Moldovan student based in the UK. He is currently known as one of the best violinists in Southern England. At his young age, he also has a successful business and tries to work out on how to motivate the young generation to build an ambitious life path.

Once moved to South of England, Iurie was forced to live homeless due to the misleading information on renting process in the UK. The English Channel was one of his main hosts over the night. As a skilful artist, Iurie sang on the streets to save money on food and his future accommodation.

The young protagonist received a challenge on surviving again the homeless migrant life in London. At this stage, the town is completely unknown to him. Iurie was banned from asking for help, contacting anyone in case of emergency, and hold any personal belongings. He received a camera to record each movement while completing the survival task. Wearing jeans and a long sleeve polo he started his journey.

The route started from Broxbourne and finished in the City of London, at one of the iconic skyscrapers - 30 St Mary Axe, also known as the Gherkin. Iurie crossed the approximate mileage of 27 kilometres within 4 hours.

Through this challenge, we wanted to find out if Iurie Sula could experience a big city life survival.

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