How do I get my Discord Rewards?
Since sometimes my new Patreons are wondering how to obtain their Discord reward when they pledge 5$ or more... i found this neat little article that explains it all... 


What is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat that creators on Patreon can use to help connect their patrons.You can learn more about Discord by visiting their website directly here.

How do I access my Discord rewards? 

So, you’ve found a creator that offers Discord rewards and you want to access them. You can gain access to a creator’s Discord server by following these steps:  

Step 1 - While on the creator’s page, select and pledge into the reward tier that includes Discord as a reward.  If you pledge to a creator but place yourself in a reward tier that doesn’t offer Discord rewards, you will not receive access to that creator’s Discord server.  

Step 2 - After pledging into the proper reward tier, you’ll need to connect your Discord and Patreon accounts. There are a few ways to go about this:  2a. Directly after pledging, on the Thank You page, there’ll be an option to Connect on Discord. Click this to link your Patreon and Discord account.   

2b. If you’ve missed this page, you also should’ve received an email titled,“Here are some rewards to go along with your pledge to…” with the same Connect to Discord button.  2c. You can also head over to your account settings page and click on the Connect to Discord button to connect your Discord and Patreon accounts. 

Step 3  - Once you click the box to Connect to Discord, a separate window will appear requesting you to log into your Discord account. If you already have a Discord account, you’ll just need to sign into your Discord account here.  If you don’t yet have a Discord account, you can create one by selecting the option to Register.  


Step 4 - Authorize Discord’s access to your Patreon account.  


Step 5 - You’re done! That’s it! Everything else will occur on Discord, which you can access by visiting their webpage or by downloading the application:  

If you’ve already set up your Discord rewards, but have yet to receive access to the creator’s server, click here.  

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