How Do You Get to

When ever people meet artists at shows there's always those moments when people say "I wish I could draw like that, you're so lucky."

I think they're mostly well-meaning, but it's not about luck, it's about practice. I firmly believe, and have taught children in the past, based on the idea that I think ANYONE can do this. It's a lot of practice. A Lot. It's re-reading a comic page 3 or 4 times, just because you get lost in the artist's work, examining it.

Maybe some people can grasp core concepts easier than others, sure, but it's not a born trait. I don't think so anyways. My parents bought me drawing book after drawing book, my wife buys me drawing books.

And this transition pictured here is three years of drawing comics nearly every single week, and still don't draw as often as I should or would like to.

Honestly, the best thing I would say to do if you want to learn about drawing? MAKE WEBCOMICS. EVERY WEEK write, draw, and upload a webcomic.

I've been reformatting old strips to upload to Tapastic and looking at some (most) of my old strips is, honestly, fucking painful mostly. When restarted ‪#‎FortressComics‬ back in Sept 2003, I hadn't drawn anything really for myself in years, probably since the original run of Fortress. Now looking back, it's like the first season of the ‪#‎Simpsons‬. Brutal. But then I can easily remind myself of the comparison i just made. The first season of The Simpsons looks like hot garbage. But it got better over time, and you will to.