How Does Patreon Work?
Patreon is a monthly subscription service that allows you to help your favorite creators make awesome things like comics, while also receiving exclusive rewards for your pledge! Simply put, you pay what you want and receive cool stuff. 

Step 1: Click one of the following pledge levels

  • DESIGN AND STORY INPUT! - $1+/month - Next Chapter comics have a variety of genres, characters, and story arcs. Pledge at this level and you'll get a say in these parts of the future comics! Have me build the comics you want to read! Force me to use some super silly character! Challenge me to fit an entire novel into a 4 page comic! The choice is yours!  (You also get: Notifications of public posts) 
  • EARLY ACCESS!! - $3+/month -  How would you like to see the next comic nearly a month before it gets posted? Sounds pretty crazy, right? But pledge at this level and that's exactly what you'll get! As each page of the next comic is finished, I'll post it for your exclusive viewing pleasure! (You also get: Notifications of public posts and "Design and Story Input!")
  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!!! - $8+/month -  A little something extra for a little something extra! As many of you probably know, I don't take regular commissions, but pledge at this level and every month I'll draw an awesome drawing just for you! Think of it as exclusive monthly art on demand for being such an awesome supporter! (You also get: Notifications of public posts, "Design and Story Input!" and "Early Access!!") 

Step 2: Follow the prompts to process your payment info

Step 3: You'll be billed your pledge amount at the start of each month

Step 4: Receive your pledge rewards for every month that you pledge!

Please Note: You can raise, lower, or cancel your pledge at any time, but you're new pledge status won't take effect until the start of the following month.