How Does the “Random” Winner Get Chosen?
Hello everyone!  After some emailed concerns about my giveaways, I just wanted to do a post on how I choose a random winner for all of my giveaways.  This includes all Facebook Groups (example: Cherie Gerhardt Haed Group), Patreon and any other place I choose to do a Giveaway. 

I want the whole process to be as fair as possible so this is how I do it.  I make a list of all those who are eligible and then copy that name list into Miniwebtool’s Random Name Picker.   This tool  gives me the name.  That’s it.  Simple and easy.

So those people making nice and somewhat “sucking up” comments have no better chance of winning whatsoever.  I want all my giveaways to be 100% fair as I can make it.  No special treatment whatsoever.  So that’s it and I hope this answers anyone who has concerns.  If you have more or have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.  Thanks.