How does your role in the family affect your personal & professional life with Lisette Schuitemaker
Lisette Schuitemaker is an entrepreneur, director and the author of three books. She founded, ran and sold a communications company before she became a professional life coach and personal development writer.

Her most recent book, The Eldest Daughter Effect: How Firstborn Women Harness Their Strengths, was the topic of her TEDx Talk.

Lisette is especially experienced in the field of expanding and transforming consciousness. She currently chairs the boards of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands and
the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She is also a director of the trading subsidiary of the Findhorn Foundation, New Findhorn Directions, as well as an active investor in disruptive and social enterprises such as Impact Hub Amsterdam and Ubiquity University.

She is a sought-after speaker for educational institutions, organisations and events and has appeared on several radio shows. She received her Master’s degree in Classics from Leiden University in The Netherlands and later obtained a BSc at the Brennan School of Healing Science in the US. Lisette lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with her partner Jos Van Merendonk.