How EXTRACTION fits into the Aerdverse

Hi! I’m B R Sanders, and I wanted to do a video about how my new book, Extraction, fits into the broader Aerhdverse. So, Extraction is about Rethnali, the captain of a cell of rebellious striker elves, making her way across the country, from the forest and up to the City of Mages, and up to another part of the country. 

So, if the City of Mages rings any bells, that’s because it was the setting for my debut novel, Resistance. And actually, Rethnali, in this book, meets the main character of Resistance, Shandolin. So, if you like Shandolin, Shandolin makes an appearance in Extraction. A couple of other characters make an appearance here. One of them is Moshel, who also shows up here.

If you have read my other novel, Ariah, Ariah takes place after Extraction does. So, the order of events–not that you have to read them in this order—but, the order chronologically is Resistance happens, then a few years pass by. And Extraction happens, then more books will come. Then, several years after that, Ariah happens. 

One thing to note is that Rethnali actuall shows up in Ariah. She’s pretty young in Extraction; she would be, if she was a human, she would be about twenty years old. She’s close to middle-aged in Ariah; she would be about forty-five or so if she was a human.

I think that about covers the interactions between those three novels. I thought this would a fun thing to do. Thank you for supporting my Patreon! Thank you for being interested in my books!

[blows kiss]