How the Gilets Jaunes Contain and Reject the Black Bloc Thugs


Paris - Gilets Jaunes Acte XII 2/2/2019

To give you an idea of how the GJs react against the Antifa/Casseurs/BlackBlocs who appear intermittently during GJ marches to break windows of banks and shops - violence which is then blamed on the GJs by the French state.

I also witnessed and filmed the GJ reactions to the Anitfa thugs. At one point, while we were waiting to begin the march in honour of the victims of state violence since the GJ protests began on 17th November 2018, the Black Blocs arrived, they pushed one lady onto the ground before tearing into the ranks of GJs and then surrounding a nearby restaurant threatening to smash the windows. GJs immediately rushed to contain the Black Blocs and the crowd were shouting at them to get out. The restuarant was saved by the GJs.

At various points along the march, the BBs arrived and would smash windows of shops and banks, again the GJs acted swiftly to drive them away. At no point did the POLICE do anything to contain the BBs, they ignored their acts of violence and damage.

This video is from the VK account of Yulya Svetlova but I will upload my own videos shortly:…

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