How I beat YouTube's translation price by 12x
Hey patrons!

Last week I reported about YouTube's new feature to add other languages to your videos and that it reportedly has more than doubled watch time for some channels. The drawback, however, is that getting the translations done through YouTube cost about $140 per video, depending on the length and word count.

I mentioned in the video that I was going to get translations done through UpWork instead and you guys wanted me to follow-up with you about my experience with that.

Well, last week I hired 4 people to translate 3 videos for me each into Spanish (title, video description, and captions). The goal was for me to try out a few translators before giving the main job to do the bulk of the translations to a single translator.

I asked a friend who lives in South America to check the translations on YouTube and tell me who did the best work, so I'll give the rest of my Spanish translation work to that translator.

RESULTS: I got 12 videos translated, between 4 and 12 minutes each, into Spanish (Latin America) for $145. The turnaround time was typically about 2 days from the time I hired the translator. Not bad. Currently beats YouTube's fee for a single video!

I'll be making a more detailed video about this sometime, but I wanted to give you guys a quick follow-up here first. :)