How I Do Research For Comic Books.
It's becoming rarer that I do research for a specific project. I always attempt to but most often I don't uncover enough to have made the effort of all the reading and hunting down resources worth the time. What I've found to be a much better approach is to just read all the time.

It's often stated that genre writers should read well outside of their genre. The idea being if you read only fantasy you limit the breadth of your ideas and limit your storytelling ability. I think this is probably true. But to be honest I'm not terribly interested in fiction outside of genre. I read classics and Victorian novels but for me to be really satisfied by fiction I prefer there to be monsters and magic and heroes. My real love outside of the fantasy genre is history.

I read a lot of history books. Also a lot of folklore. And what I find in constantly being exposed to new stories and motivations and ideas this way is that I've already done much of the research.

Maddy and Bera both grew out of reading many folklore and history books (as well as fantasy!). In Maddy I often explore the concept of how sources of power existing in the world motivate people to respond to that power. What happens when a power you rely on is stolen? Or what if someone decides that someone has too much power and tries to limit it? In Bera I explore how different people respond to their connection to power (loyalty to a distant king). All these ideas came from historical moments mixed with folkloric language and structure.

I'll continue to research specific things because you have to but about 90% of my research happens in my book choices and natural curiosity about the world.

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