How I gamed Patreon Search
My Dear Patrons, today I will talk about the Patreon Game. In the game Patreon your goal is to make money, and you have a few tools like Creations and Activities. The game is balanced so that people with skills that appeal to the public are rewarded more than others. Some people would call it "Democracy". Of course it doesn't work that well, because of something called "Search". The Search bar says "Search artists by name, location, or type of content", which is great, but they only show 8 results, with no way of seeing the other results. Worse, the results are alphabetically ordered, which means that having a name starting with a letter farther in the alphabet than C means you're screwed and no one will ever find you (unless they already know you and they can search you by name). It was only a matter of time before someone would try to take advantage of this: I renamed myself in -Matteo Suppo-, and magically now I'm first in every search. The great thing of this approach is that my name is still perfectly readable by a human being. The bad thing is that it's basically an hack, and if Patreon doesn't find another way to handle search, it would be only a matter of time before Patreon would be populated by _AAA_Zanzibar or 00000Radical. And it will be my fault!