How I Increased AdWords Traffic by 100% in 8 Days
Here's the brutal truth about all PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns:

There are WAY too many people on the internet that think "paid ads" works, but I don’t have much money to pay for ads.

They say, "if I pay ads, Google will send me real clicks, and I will sell."

I wish it were that simple…

In the event that you are ready for your promotional campaigns, you have to follow some procedures on creating and promoting your content.

Today, I will show you real $30,000+ AdWords campaign I manage for one of PRO SocMedClub members.

My main motivation behind this article is to educate SocMedClub members with a real-life example. Don’t think that I expect from everyone here now so large campaigns maybe! The main idea is educating you on more ‘radical’ practical examples and that everyone can make their conclusions. I am doing the same work for any size of campaigns anyway. You will get a lot of better ideas which is expected, what is happening and how to be more successful with SocMedClub AdWords pay-per-click campaigns.

The good side of the story? AdWords campaigns still can work.

The Less good side of the story? You must be radically ready to adjust and stretch your initial strategies.

The solution to the example I showed you is not complicated. The most important was the psychology aspect between client and me as promotor and readiness of client to adjust targets based on conclusions that have been drawn during a promotion.

$60,000 AdWords Value Promotion

At first, this is $60,000 AdWords promotion in value, and client that is SocMedClub PRO member get the promotion that is 50% cheaper for $30,000 (click here to access the case study: How PRO SocMedClub member can get 50% cheaper AdWords campaigns). 

However, $30,000 is still pretty large money. I can establish promotion, but as I from first-day note on SocMedClub Patreon home page, SocMedClub cannot guarantee results of the promotion. 

I can establish radically low cost and quality promotional environment, but that’s just ‘promotion’ and there exist a lot of other parameters that are more crucial on how much conversions or interactions with visitors will happen. At the end of the day, nobody asks for AdWords that guarantee sales or results of promotional campaigns to anyone, but they are still the most trustworthy PPC source place.

Overall this, I personally really wish that my members succeed and that my promotion helps. I am doing best from my side and don’t just promote; I am always trying to advise with my experience and help more than just promotion.

Project Facts

Let’s go deeper into analytics…

  • $60,000 cost of AdWords
  • $30,000 paid from side of client
  • Start date: October 1, 2017
  • Duration of campaign: 90 days
  • Educational grant promotion is the target
  • Client must have successful response in minimal strict number of grant applicants, or they will not get required next grant funding round from foundations that fund projects of that type
  • Geographical target area: worldwide

Project Start

I set AdWords campaign based on consultations and what client wants.

First 11 days:

The campaign starts for the first 11 days. The client receives between 125-200 clicks per day from the AdWords and gets first student grant requests.

But that’s not enough… client expect near DOUBLE more views and grant requests than this!

In the article’s introduction, I intentionally explained the budget and bigger picture around the project, because this is not a small campaign. People in fewer budget campaigns will usually continue anyway. The client here decides to stop, as they expect they will get more and invest the rest $27,000 to continue is highly questionable for him and they ask me to stop the campaign. 

The campaign is stopped as you can see the main graph on top of the article.

Next 8 days:

8 days of stopped campaign: “How I Increased AdWords Traffic by 100% in 8 Days” title of this article in a humoristic way makes roots from that part of a campaign in fact… nothing happens in this period, and it was thinking the time for me.

I analyze campaign and make conclusions.

At the end of the waiting week, I am telling the client next: “You must stop worldwide targeting and target just the whole of Africa.”

My conclusion was that just making a move like that can push the campaign in “green” side.

This means that client must change their worldwide plans.

One note I often repeat to every member, best is if possible that SocMedClub can be just one of multiple promotional channels for you. This is completely the only proper way. Promotional campaigns have higher risks unnecessary if you promote through the SocMedClub only.

The client is accepting to change plans, to targeting Africa only. And if that saves his project, they will be funded successfully, and they are on their next steps trying to cover promotions for the rest of the world.

Last 12 days:

As you can see on the graph after changed campaign settings, we started to have 100% more views by the same daily cost! 

I just changed the target settings, and the client agreed to do that (you have lots of clients that don’t listen to you at all! And they will be the first to blame you later that promotion did not work for them…). 

Because in Africa there is lower cost per click, client get for same money double response (in views and signups).

Why do I advise that move?

Sure, less cost per click without a doubt. But not only, that… 

I found that for the last 10 years, the psychology of the Internet world has changed

Give “like” and/or make the click for a visitor is not a problem…

The problem is that people easily do that, and there finish their focus!

Just we are in an overcrowded market. People easily click virtually, but harder than ever other real action that is expected from them happen!

You see that I work on worldwide promotions long term. Small “secret” that I can share with you is that I just feel somehow that Africa is still more “clean.” When I get click there, it still looks more on “old” click before 10 years. They are still not so saturated, and I feel that visitors appreciate more when they see that ad is paid

Sure, all is relative don’t take me literally on my “word” and start to sell all in Africa only! But this “thin” feeling is pretty true and works for some products and services. It can be a great advice and solution as we can see in this case.

Screen Capture Recorded Video for Patrons

You know that I try maximally to be transparent always for you, and I am in the next post show real-time video where I logged in AdWords account and show you all campaign statistics in video format. You know, I see lots of people stop to believe in screenshots because they could be fake. 

Every Patreon SocMedClub member can click here and see a real statistic of this campaign that I save with screen capture recorder.

Summary and Conclusion: How hard it was to succeed for a client with a reasonable budget with AdWords today?

Let’s make some conclusions and “measurements” to get bigger picture:

1. The client will get 50% lower AdWords ads cost using SocMedClub special deals. And it was not enough!

2. Client need special campaign adjustments that double views by existing budget

So imagine that same client as a ‘regular’ user just start AdWords account and start a campaign? How much will he be below the target? 

Near 150 percent below own minimal target!

And that’s the reason why lots of people conclude that AdWords doesn't work for them because is the hardest ever to do any Internet promotions.

However, getting a bigger picture and more advanced real-life knowledge like this is radically helpful. You have the chance to draw valuable conclusions and compare them to your existing projects and ideas. Then you can work to customize your project(s) or parts of the project(s) you plan to promote.

I’d like to give a big “thank you” to the client that allows me to show you the collected and analyzed data that we used in the campaign. 

It Would Be Great to Hear From You:

Which of the outcomes is the most amazing to you?

Or you might probably have a question.

Either way, you can drop your comments below or send me a private message.