How I make my sketchbooks look cooler

Arranging Sketches with Composition

To get better at this I made a list of things to keep in mind.
Of course I stray from it sometimes but I tried to always circle back to them.

A: Vary elements on one page:

  • Vary the size of the different sketches
  • Change Angles and perspective
  • Mix close-ups, sketches of the full thing or half of it

(For people that means, full body, half, Portraits, hands ect…)

B: Think of the whole group as the composition

  • Grouped elements can be treated as one thing when it comes to the whole page
  • So arrange your elements in a fun way!
  • Leave some whitespace too ;D
    (I need to work on that haha)

C: There are also 3 simple composition methods

Shapes //  Using Frames // following the same perspective

Let's take a look! 


The Idea is to not fill the entire page but fill an interesting shape. What you draw in there does not matter as much for the composition. The contrast comes from blank page vs filled page. It's probably my favorite method. 


Technically the page is a frame in itself. But by making your own you can not only have different formats you can also draw over this border for cool effects. 

Something should always be cut off for this to have a real impact.


This one is definitely the hardest for me so far. The idea is that all elements in the collage of sketches follow the same vanishing points. This is definitely the method I struggle with most and therefore didn't use much so far. 

I hope this helps you :D
I would appreciate if you'd share this <3
You can also tag me on instagram and show me what you're drawing and working on. 

Bye~ ^__^ 

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