How I Really Came To Be In Guardia Sanframondi...

Hallo beautiful patron,

I am still being  asked this question literally every day - twice already today! - "How The **** Did You End Up In Guardia Sanframondi?!"

It is such a loaded query, because mostly people want a simple answer - who brought me here, what was the hook, what was the entry point or price...? 

My actual answer is nothing to do with those questions: it's more related to the divine creative process - to how I approach my darkest challenges as a key, useful, stages of stepping into my dreams. 

It took me fricking ages to record this video. I've made many variations of it over the years - mostly emotional and tense, as there has been such a lot of entanglement in my being protagonist here in the town.. 

But this video sums it up best, and it also ties in why my moving here, and becoming a home owner - despite coming from a situation in which that felt utterly impossible - why in hindsight it was a brave immersion in creative flow, synchrony and signs.... which eventually led to the original prayer coming into being. 

The process of 'coming to Guardia' taught me definitively that there is a divine creative intelligence underlying all reality - and that we are an integral part of this.

As many of you know who  have been following me a while, the past 10 years in Guardia have been extremely challenging - 'character building'! In the context of the change that I'm now planning, dreaming of my country house with a big piece of  land attached <3 <3 <3 <3 and of my work developments into mentoring and  evolving The School Of Real Art, I'm beginning to define what the magical creative process actually is, at least in my own life experience. :-)

Much love to you and blessings on your day today,

Clare xx

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