How I Spent My Morning
  Spent a really big chunk of the day designing this statue, based on the story of Eros and Psyche. This was a story popular during the Renaissance and the Neoclassical periods, and depictions usually revolve around Eros carrying Psyche away.  Their story is one of a struggle for trust, and the moment I've chosen to portray is Psyche's moment of discovery and betrayal. Her heart filled with fears and doubts, she agrees to light a lamp to see the face of her husband, which he has forbidden her to do. She's afraid he is secretly a monster. Worse than that: he's a GOD. 

  Rachel's clan has a long tradition of using erotic nudes as wedding celebrations.  So this statue is an engagement gift from her flamboyant maternal grandfather, Terry Ellis Lockhart. When the statue is uncrated, his note to Rachel will be found taped to Eros's lovely marble thigh.

I suppose if I really lost my mind, I could sculpt this in miniature.

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