How i started in electronics
When i was young boy i saw my first James Bond movie titled "DR No" and when it came to the part when JB meets with Q and explains all the gadgets it peaked my interest in how things work and how something that was ordinary looking could be transformed into something that could be used to aid in defeating the bad guys.

As i grew up i learned all i could about how things worked and how to disassemble, fix and then reassemble the item. My father encouraged me in exploring new things and invested in getting books and magazines about "How thing work"  and i studied them and began an interest in electronics as it was always interesting on how engineers would create something in what appeared to be nothing.

Then came along another JB movie with more gadgets and some electronic ones and i would place close attention to what Q would say to JB and analyse how it was constructed to see if i could build it myself. But all i could do is dream as being a young boy with little or no money my reconstructions or inventions would not come to fruition and would have to wait till i got a job and have a decent income.

When my birthday was coming up my father asked me what i wanted and i had a quick think and responded with "i would like a 100 in 1 electronic kit", my father raised his eyebrows in surprise and said "ok". So that is when i started to learn the basics of electronics at the age of 14.