How internet fame can slowly ruin your life
Hey patrons! One of the most under-discussed issues among creators, in my opinion, is the psychological ways that we impact our viewers and the ways that they, as fans, impact us. There's a lot of amazing qualities to it, but it's not all positive unfortunately.

A few years ago I discussed the negative impact that even the most positive, uplifting creator can have on a viewer. It's a video I think every creator needs to watch:  The Psychological Influence you have on Fans. Be Careful! I don't say that just because it's my video -- I mean that.

I wasn't sure exactly how to follow-up on this video in a way that would be both helpful and received well by creators and talk about how fans can negatively impact us, which is why it took me a few years to finally get this next video created.

But here it is and I thank you so much for supporting me in spreading important messages like this to creators. Thank you!