How Is it For You? - 3 Weeks In
Hi everyone,

We have a reality check due to a minor change in plan. Given that I hadn't manage to entice anyone in to backing me so far, I've rearranged how the posts are going to work.

A comment of my own - yes, I talk to myself, as much to record what I'm doing as because I'm listening - covers some of the (brief) thought process on a Navigation post (Navigators only).

As of today:

  • Passages will be posted for everyone to read, although they remain on a fortnightly schedule.
  • The teaser posts a couple of days before are now for first tier backers (you count as a Passager, whether you select it or not when you donate your $1). Going forward, I will aim to include a bit of the background in there as well. Maybe something about what the passage is intended for or why I chose a particular name. Please be aware that they may differ from actual passages as I still tweak up to a day before posting.
  • Back-Seat Writer / Tier 2 posts will continue to get anywhere between 2 and 7 location posts a week, possibly including polls for name replacements when I have difficulty choosing. (Other subjects may also be polled.)
  • Navigators / Tier 3 have so far been asked about whether I should be looking to publish this as a book when I'm done and about whether I should make passages public. They will get asked other big questions over the course of the project.

So - how's it going? What do we need more of? What else would you like to see? How do I entice you to spend your hard-earned pennies / cents on me? Do you think this is something worthwhile or did I pick a duff project?

I know people who aren't members of Patreon can't reply to these things but, if you want to voice your opinion, please try catching my on Twitter or Facebook in reply to the post that brought you here (if that's how you got here...)