How it all adds up
Some people have been wondering how I will be tackling multiple ventures at once, with any hope of success at any. Here's a breakdown of the plan, to address any questions people may have.

I plan on streaming on Twitch five nights a week, from 8PM to 1AM Eastern time. From the content I've streamed on Twitch, I plan on making two to three videos a week (roughly ten hours of work) highlighting certain aspects of gameplay, commentary, or humor, and upload them to YouTube. As time goes on, I will be also be creating original content for YouTube, discussing a wide variety of topics, be it current events, comics, science, philosophy, what have you.

As for the novels, I already have the framework written out, and at one point had 250+ pages done until the unthinkable happened (and multiple copies were destroyed). I will be dedicating five hours a day, six days a week to writing.

This will total a 65 hour work week, give or take, but it shall be worth it in the end. I hope you all join me on this ride. God Bless!