Because I'm primarily a visual person, I usually do a bunch of thumbnails in my sketchbook to work out the idea and then I revise them multiple times before I settle on an idea. In this case, I did not write out the words and plan both sides of the page because I wanted to work out the written  words later. The larger reason is because I'm playing with doing a book with rhyme instead of typical story writing. Knowing that rhyme is much more difficult, I decided to sketch the idea minus the wording so I could come up with the rhymes wit ha fresh perspective. These are most of the thumbnails, there may be one more page, I'll post the last few pages if you want to see them, but it's more of the same ol scribbles. I tend to work pretty loose at this stage so I can get the ideas out fairly rapidly. If I'm not mistaken and memory serves me right, I did part of these sketches while sitting around at my son's basketball practice. As I get older, I realize that the time I spend sitting around could be more productive time, so I often draw or come up with ideas as I'm waiting for my kids to finish whatever practice I may be at for the day. 

Hope that gives a bit of insight to my process, if you have more questions feel free to ask.

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