How Left and Right Brains Work with MDNA
This was really big for me. I was introduced to the neuroscience of how the left and right brain really work through executive coaching from Emotional Wealth Management Inc and Dietrich Desmarais. In fact, it had such an impact, I decided to become a certified executive and life coach myself. This provided access to the research integrated into MDNA 3.0 True Joy.

I am not surprised by how many people I meet that are locked into the paradigm of people being left or right brain. Even the traditional accepted differences between male and female brains are being challenged today. The fact is, we should be using both sides of our brains all the time!

When I realized I had been predominantly left brain most of my life, and my right brain circuits were literally offline (because of childhood trauma), I knew MDNA required an update. Working on my emotional intelligence has allowed new insights that I believe can radically change an individual's purpose, passions and potential.