How many of my patrons are also artists?
I've slowly been chipping away at 30-second improv videos for my patrons, and one of my patrons did something to MAKE ME GEEK OUT HARDCORE.

You see, upon watching my improv video for him, esteemed patron Roman Columbo took it upon himself to write a 30-sentence story based on the improv! I love when stuff like this happens. LOVE when art inspires more art, especially when it's just for fun and not coming from a perfectionistic, judgmental state.  Isn't art fun, everyone!?! (When it's not soul-crushing and torturous, of course.) Okay, I'm being a huge nerd.

How many of you are artists (even dabblers)? What do you make, want to make, or simply appreciate? Let me know in the comments; I'm really curious!

Here once again is the link to Roman's original post with the story, and it's also copy-pasted below with his permission. Roman also happens to be a writer who has a Patreon of his own (he creates graphic novels, short fiction, and other cool stuff on there), so check him out!


Compromised Angel

I have a problem with the cosmos. The primordial clusterfuck of which I climbed out of has turned into a bloodbath between angels. I don’t care about this war. By the necessity of my existence, I am both for and against Lucifer and God. Both sides dread my arrival—the destroyer of lies come to keep the balance in the war. Let no angel lie, less Mephistopheles marks them for obliteration. 

I have a problem with the cosmos, because the cosmos is making me a hypocrite. I have the biggest secret: I know how to defeat God. Eventually, God will tell a lie in this war, and when he does, it will be my task to destroy him. And I found just the way. We all know God has seven sons. What only I know—what only I have discovered—is that God has one daughter. 

Arianna was always a bit of a mystery. The red-haired beauty always present, but never questioned as to why. Tyr was the strategist, Michael a general, Ohanzee a spy. I was there to make sure the firmament didn’t collapse in ruin. But why Arianna? What was her purpose? 

Her purpose does not matter. Her purpose for me—originally—was that I could not kill God, not like I’ve killed Beezlebub or Poseidon or any other angel, fallen or not. So, if you can’t kill God, you kill the thing that matters most to him. He might have seven sons, but it is his one daughter he cares about the most. If God told a lie that threatened existence, I’d kill her to incapacitate him. 

But now, I can’t kill do it. Arianna has given me a secret to keep, a lie to tell. Her gift is to make others feel emotions that angels are not meant to know. Now, I know anger, fear, jealously, love. She has turned me into something more. I love her now, and that love will compromise this war. 

Damn the cosmos. 

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